Photographing Melbourne Fitness Model Rei

August 14, 2023

Melbourne Sports Photography's Craig and Phil had a fun and productive shoot with fitness model Rei - with the team collaborating on unique images which demonstrate strength, fitness and vitality.


For this style of shoot we use mobile studio equipment. If you have a suitable size space, we can come to you. Or if you prefer, we can organise a venue.


Studio strobes are used to create the lighting effects. We use both battery powered and mains powered strobes, giving us flexibility on where we use the lights. For this shoot we were utilising an indoor hall with multiple power points, and so were primarily using mains powered lights. Our key light was battery powered making it easy to re position the light through out the shoot without power cables being in the way.


Different colour effects can be achieved with the strobes complimenting the subject's wardrobe.

To discuss a studio shoot, get in touch via the Contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website.