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Oceania Figure Skating Competition

June 09, 2024

It was the Melbourne Sports Photography team's pleasure to photograph the 2024 Oceania Figure Skating Competition held at O'Brien Icehouse on 29, 30, and 31 May 2024. The competition included skaters from around Australia, New Zealand, and a good contingent from further afield including places such as Malaysia, The Philippines, and Singapore.

The standard of skating across the 3 days of competition was high, leading to some unique and impactful images.


Thank you to Wendy and the team from Ice Skating Australia who made the Melbourne Sports Photography team feel very welcome.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-8509MelbourneSportsPhotography-8509 MelbourneSportsPhotography-8672MelbourneSportsPhotography-8672

While figure skating is a relatively small sport (currently!) in Australia, it is a big sport on a worldwide basis and attracts a lot of attention each time the Winter Olympics rolls around. We will be watching the skating at the next Winter Olympics with a much greater appreciation for the ability of the skaters and the photographers!

MelbourneSportsPhotography-8194MelbourneSportsPhotography-8194 Skaters, your images are currently available to view and purchase here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. They are in a password protected gallery, with the link and the password available via Ice Skating Australia. The galleries will close on 26 June 2024 so please view before then. Thanks again for treating us to a terrific competition.

Team Photos and Media Day Images with Northern Knights

May 01, 2024

The Melbourne Sports Photography team, Craig, Kat and Phina, really enjoyed the recent shoot with the Northern Knights Under 18 Boys and Girls squads.

In 3 hours we managed to get through 'media day' style images with multiple images of each player, and also player portraits and team photos. 

  MelbourneSportsPhotography-6923MelbourneSportsPhotography-6923 MelbourneSportsPhotography-6908MelbourneSportsPhotography-6908

It was a lot of fun to work with these talented footballers, and we hope the players enjoyed the experience. We have already seen some of the media day images on Northern Knights social media accounts, and look forward to seeing more.

The following weekend, Melbourne Sports Photography founder Craig Dingle got along to see the Under 18 girls in action in the Coates Talent League. 

MelbourneSportsPhotography-0173MelbourneSportsPhotography-0173 MelbourneSportsPhotography-9984MelbourneSportsPhotography-9984

Northern Knights had a very close game with Eastern Ranges that day, narrowly going down in a very hard fought game. We hope some good action photos helped ease the pain of a loss.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-9729MelbourneSportsPhotography-9729 We haven't seen the Under 18 boys play yet, but hope to later in the season.

For Northern Knights players and families, we delivered your team photos and player portraits to the club in the last week of April. The club will be distributing the prints to players.

All the best for your season Northern Knights! Fly high!


Shooting Basketball Portraits as the Big V Season Starts

April 10, 2024

The Big V and NBL1 basketball seasons are now underway in Victoria, and the Melbourne Sports Photography team have been busy shooting action images and player portraits.

Recently Melbourne Sports Photography founder, Craig Dingle, worked with Surfcoast Baketball's Dexter Graham. Craig and Dexter created images together last year in a studio setting, and this time combined on an outdoor court in St Kilda.


The very bright sunshine made for some challenging lighting conditions. The challenge was met using high powered strobes which over power the sun to create some dramatic portraits.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-8384MelbourneSportsPhotography-8384 MelbourneSportsPhotography-7976MelbourneSportsPhotography-7976

Craig and Dexter seemed to really enjoy the shoot - it might not be the last time we see them work together! All the best for the Big V season Dexter, see you next time!

Hawthorn Cycling's Hanging Rock Handicap

February 29, 2024

It was Melbourne Sports Photography's pleasure to be involved in the 2024 Hanging Rock Handicap cycling race. This is a women's only cycling event hosted by the Hawthorn Cycling Club, and for the second year Melbourne Sports Photography founder Craig Dingle headed to Hanging Rock to photograph the event.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-2399MelbourneSportsPhotography-2399 The weather on race day in 2024 was terrific. A cool morning with fog over Hanging Rock gave way to a warm sunny day ideal for fast racing.

A field of around 70 set off in a series of groups based on their cycling ability - designed so that ideally all the groups come together approaching the finish.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-2919MelbourneSportsPhotography-2919 MelbourneSportsPhotography-5912MelbourneSportsPhotography-5912

The handicappers are likely to be pretty happy with their efforts in 2024 with the 'scratch group' of the strongest cyclists not quite catching the other cyclists. 

Thank you again to Hawthorn Cycling for asking Melbourne Sports Photography to photograph the event. If you would like to see all of Craig's images from the day, head to Hawthorn Cycling's Facebook page. 

To Hawthorn Cycling and all the participants, congratulations on a great event. We hope to see you again next year.



ANZAS Ice Skating Images

February 20, 2024

Skaters from the ANZAS ice skating competition in February 2024, your images are live on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. Actually, as many of you know, they have been live for a week now ... and we are just catching up with writing a blog post!

The galleries are password protected, with passwords available from Ice Skating Victoria.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-8087MelbourneSportsPhotography-8087 If you would like to view and purchase images, please do so promptly, as the galleries are open until 7 March 2024.

Thank you to everyone for making Craig and Bianca feel welcome as part of the ice skating community. We look forward to seeing you and these terrific costumes at the next event.