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Creating Content for Knights of Suburbia

December 14, 2021

Since coming out of coronavirus lock down, the team at Melbourne Sports Photography have had a busy end to 2021.

One of the highlights has been working with the cycling clothing brand Knights of Suburbia. We have completed two shoots so far, led by Melbourne Sports Photography founder Sally Jacob. One was a studio shoot highlighting their new clothing range and accessories, and the second a lifestyle shoot. We are looking forward to working with Knights of Suburbia again in 2022.

Look out for MSP created images appearing on the Knights of Suburbia social media pages - and if you need some cycling gear, please support Knights of Suburbia. 

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Camberwell Sharks Team Photos 2021

October 24, 2021

Here at Melbourne Sports Photography we've recently finished the Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club 2021 team photos. And they are team photos with a difference - a virtual team photo constructed using individual photos provided by the players family's, a background image of the club's home ground, and the terrific Sharks 2021 cartoon logo.

Orders are open now.

Look for the 2 links we have sent to the club. The first is a link to a password protected gallery so you can check out the photos before making a purchase decision. The second (separate link) takes you to the online order form.

Place your order by Sunday 31 October 2021. Thank you.


Virtual Team Photos

September 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Melbourne. Lock down number 6 rolls on, and the team here at Melbourne Sports Photography are looking forward to the return of community sport! Let's hope it is soon.

Like many of our partner clubs, we are changing to meet the unusual circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Our latest challenge has been helping clubs with team photos when we are not physically able to get people together. Out of this, the concept of 'virtual team photos' has been born. They will be a unique record of the club's history in a remarkable time.

We are currently working on virtual team photos for our first two clubs. If your club would like to explore this option, please get in touch via the contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. 



Recognition for MSP Photographers Sally Jacob and Craig Dingle

August 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations to Sally Jacob and Craig Dingle who have been recognised in this list of The 9 Best Sports Photographers in Melbourne

Sally and Craig are the founders of Melbourne Sports Photography and it is exciting to see them recognised in this way. They are waiting for Melbourne's current coronavirus lockdown to finish so they can get back into action. Let's hope the resumption of community sport is not far away.

Congratulations Sally and Craig - two of The 9 Best Sports Photographers in Melbourne

SallyJacobMelbourneSportsPhotography-4682SallyJacobMelbourneSportsPhotography-4682 CraigDingleMelbourneSportsPhotography-4681CraigDingleMelbourneSportsPhotography-4681

Shout out to Melbourne Sports Photographer Craig Dingle

July 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

At Melbourne Sports Photography we like being behind the lens, not so much in front of it. We love creating images and making sports people the heroes of our photos. This week we are making an exception with a shout out to one of our team. Melbourne Sports Photography founder Craig Dingle, has been named in this list of the 10 best event photographers in Melbourne.

We have a lot of fun as a team, and we are going to have a lot of fun with this! He made the list at number 8. We know Craig responds to "hey, guy with the camera" and will even respond to "hey you" - and in the next few weeks we will see how he reacts to "Hey number 8!" 

Congratulations Craig on the recognition - and while we are at it "Hey number 8, good job!"

Check out the link and the 10 best event photographers in Melbourne.