Based in Melbourne, Australia we provide sports photography services for clubs, associations, schools, tournaments, individual athletes, and media outlets. We cover the spectrum of sporting events - small or large, short or long - including team photos, action photos, portraits, video, and social media content.


Team Photo Shoots


How do we book Melbourne Sports Photography for our club’s team photos?

Get in touch via email at [email protected] or call Craig on 0419 010993.


What information will Melbourne Sports Photography need?

It will be helpful to know your preferred dates, location, number of teams, and number of individuals to be photographed.


How does ordering work?

If your club would like individual players / families to order from Melbourne Sports Photography, we will set up a dedicated online ordering page for your club. We will provide a link for you to distribute to your club members.

Ordering will typically be open for 2 weeks prior to the shoot date, and close on the day of the shoot.

Alternatively, if your club would like to place a single order on behalf of your players and families, this is also fine.


How does delivery work?

Melbourne Sports Photography will deliver all your clubs team photos, sorted into team and individual packs, to one contact person in your club. You can then distribute the photos how you wish – through your team managers, at your awards night, etc.


What does it cost for Melbourne Sports Photography to do our team photos?

Typically there is no cost to the club for booking Melbourne Sports Photography. Our income is generated from the sales of photos to your club members. (We do require a deposit, and a minimum number of orders).


Sports Portraits

We are seeing strong demand for unique sports portraits. There are examples on the Melbourne Sports Photography home page, and several blog posts showing both the process and the outcome. Check them out.


Can you come to us?

Yes, our studio photography equipment is mobile and we can come to your premises.


Can you do portraits of teams, groups, and individuals?

Yes. Whether you are thinking a 'media day' type shoot or a fun, different team photo shoot we can do this. Typically this will involve some shots of the whole team, some groups from within the team, and individual shots. These shoots are a lot of fun and often we will make use of coloured lights and atmosphere spray to create unique effects.


Can you do both indoor and outdoor shoots?

Yes. Our gear is mobile and we can set this up in a clubrooms or on a court or field. There is flexibility to do everything from studio style portraits, through to imitating game action in an outdoor setting. 


Action Photos


How do we organise for Melbourne Sports Photography to photograph our teams in action?

There is no 'one size fits all' for action photos and we will work with you to sort out what works best for game times, venues, team commitments etc. Contact us via email at [email protected] or call Craig on 0419 010993 to discuss your action photography needs.  

How can our players and families purchase action images?

Most commonly we make the images available to view and purchase in password protected galleries here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. Your players and families can purchase both digital images and physical prints. Digital images will be immediately available for download, and physical prints will be sent to the customers nominated delivery address.


Other Questions


What size events do you shoot?

We have a team of professional photographers able to shoot small sporting events through to major events. We shoot everything from individual athletes through to tournaments with hundreds of teams. It's likely we can assist you, so contact us via email or phone.


My sports club needs a small number of portraits, can you help?

Yes. We have mobile studio equipment and can come to you to shoot portrait images.


Are you available for shoots outside Melbourne?

Yes. Melbourne is our home, but we also shoot sporting events in regional Victoria and interstate.


What else should we know?

All the Melbourne Sports Photography team use professional quality equipment, are fully insured, and have current Victorian Working with Children Cards.


To discuss your sports photography needs, reach out via the contact page here on the website or call Craig on 0419 010993.