Creating Cool Sports Portraits

July 07, 2023

The team at Melbourne Sports Photography are getting more and more questions about sports portrait sessions which produce the style of images shown in this blog post. Here's some answers in advance of your questions!

1. What type of space is needed for this type of shoot?

This style of shoot needs a reasonable size indoor venue. The two images shown here were shot in a church hall, where Phil and Craig had one 'station' set up to shoot football themed images, and another 'station' for basketball themed images. 

If you have a hall or club rooms with some open space, we will be able to do this style of shoot on your premises. Alternatively, an indoor court or stadium is ideal. The Melbourne Sports Photography team's equipment is mobile and we can come to you. 


2. What sports can you cater for?

Our normal answer to this question is 'all sports'! We do our best to theme the environment to your sport - for example, artificial grass to simulate the playing field for football, soccer, hockey, cricket, rugby, rugby league etc ... and lino to simulate the wooden floors used in basketball, netball, volleyball and other indoor sports.

We haven't done a sports portrait shoot for swimming yet, but we already have some ideas on how to do it!

If you are thinking about how this style can be adapted for your sport, please get in touch via the contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website.


3. How long does this shoot take?

For an individual athlete this style of shoot can be done in 45 minutes to 1 hour using a combination of different lighting techniques and poses. To have a discussion about how this could work for you, give Craig a call on 0419 010993.

4. Can you photograph teams in this style?

Yes. This style of shoot can be adapted to photograph teams, with both small groups and individual portraits. There are some practical limitations on numbers but it is a lot of fun to work with groups of people in this environment. We will aim to use coloured lights to compliment your clubs colours and add some pizzazz to your portraits!

Depending on the size of your team, it's likely to be a 90-120 minute shoot to cover your team and individual players.

5. What about school sports?

Add some flair to your school sports images! This style of shoot works very well in environments where we can photograph multiple sports in a single shoot. The Melbourne Sports Photography team can set up themed 'stations' flexible enough to cover a variety of sports. If you are thinking about how this style can work for your school, please make contact.

We hope this has covered some of your initial questions. For more details please use the Contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website.