Thanks Canon Experience Store

March 12, 2023

The Melbourne Sports Photography team have a significant investment in cameras, lighting and other photographic equipment.

Recently, Craig and Phil, made several visits to the Canon Experience Store in South Melbourne. This was a very positive experience. We had one lens and camera serviced at modest cost and both are now performing as new. The more significant development was the time spent investigating the new range of Canon mirror-less cameras and RF lenses. The technology developments in mirror-less cameras are significant and all the major camera manufacturers are moving to mirror-less and away from DSLR's.

MelbourneSportsPhotography1MelbourneSportsPhotography1 The jump to the new technology does come at a cost. The very positive part of this experience was the terrific way Rob and the team at the Canon experience store patiently and expertly answered Craig and Phil's questions, and demonstrated the benefits of the mirror-less technology.

If you are thinking about buying new photographic equipment - consider a trip to the Canon Experience Store in South Melbourne. It's great to be able to try out the equipment before you purchase, and to be able to discuss issues with an expert team.

Thank you Rob and the team at Canon Experience Store in South Melbourne. There's now one very fancy mirror less camera and 2 RF lenses in the Melbourne Sports Photography stable! Look out for them at our next event.