Shooting Studio Dance Images

December 03, 2023

In addition to photographing action sports and team photos, the team at Melbourne Sports Photography have spent a good part of the year meeting the demand for creative sports portraits. This has included a range of sports - footy, basketball, dance, and martial arts - and we are keen for that list of sports to grow!

This style of photography is becoming increasingly popular, reflecting how important sport is to the athlete, and also enabling creative lighting effects that are not possible "in game".

Dance portraits are very popular and we have completed two recent assignments in this space.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-0022MelbourneSportsPhotography-0022 First was a shoot with dancer Lisa Tan. This was based at a local hall in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne which Melbourne Sports Photography often use for this type of shoot. The second was with Comm23 at the Australian Allstar Cheer Federation Nationals Championships which were held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. 

If you are interested in creating some fascinating portraits for your sport, please make contact. Our equipment is mobile so that we can do these shoots anywhere that there is a good sized indoor space.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-0090 (2)MelbourneSportsPhotography-0090 (2)