Sports Portraits

January 30, 2023

Over the summer break, the Melbourne Sports Photography team have been upping their portraits game.

With a range of new lights, lighting modifiers and colours, we are now able to offer Melbourne Sports Photography clients a new range of sports portraits options.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-7444MelbourneSportsPhotography-7444 Whether it's for your club, team, individual athlete, or sports mad child we are keen to talk about how we can help with sports portraits.

If you are looking for a new range of images to use on social media or your promotions in 2023, now is the time to touch base.


Our examples here are basketball themes, but this concept can apply to any sport. 

MelbourneSportsPhotography-7529MelbourneSportsPhotography-7529 Our equipment is mobile and needs a relatively small space to set up. See the Contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website, and make contact today.