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Social Media Content to Promote Your Sport and Club

December 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Social media has become the primary way sports clubs attract new members and engage existing ones. Those that are being successful are posting high quality content at frequent intervals. Here at Melbourne Sports Photography we are committed to provide quality content to our partner associations and clubs. That means plenty of still images, video which can be used as stand alone content or in stories, and multi media content.

Check out the multi media content below, put together for Basketball Hawthorn and featuring many players from their rep program - Hawthorn Magic.

To have Melbourne Sports Photography help you with social media content and multi media presentations, contact us via the Contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website.


Gearing Up for a Great Summer of Sport

October 29, 2020  •  1 Comment

Congratulations Melbourne! We are coming out of our long pandemic lock down and heading towards summer. Here at Melbourne Sports Photography we are a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation, and we are gearing up for a great summer of sport.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-6528MelbourneSportsPhotography-6528Melbourne Sports Photography  It was great to have an inquiry this week from a rugby league club doing their early preparation for the 2021 season. We work with all sports and enjoy working with clubs to provide great imagery for their members, and also to promote the sport and the club. 

To chat about how Melbourne Sports Photography can help your club, send us a message via the contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. 

We are looking forward to a great summer of sport.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-9918MelbourneSportsPhotography-9918Melbourne Sports Photography

Heading Towards Sport Again

September 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

While it's been great that pro sport has been able to recommence during the coronavirus pandemic in Melbourne, the team here at Melbourne Sports Photography are anxiously awaiting the restart of community sport. We like action, people, sports, competition, challenge ... and images - both photography and videography!


With restrictions easing slightly in Melbourne this week, it feels like we are finally on the road back to weekends full of sport and weekdays full of training. Well done Melbourne! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

If we can help you and your club with photos, videos or multi media presentations - please contact us via the contact page here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website. 

Getting Through Melbourne Stage 4 Restrictions

August 23, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Melbourne! We are past half way through the 6 week level 4 restriction period. Hooray! Let's hope the virus is under control and there is no need to extend or reintroduce level 4 restrictions, and that we can get back to sports soon.

For those that have been in contact - thank you for reaching out to the team at Melbourne Sports Photography. We have been significantly impacted by the absence of sports, as have many other businesses. We briefly thought we might be starting shooting junior football just a few weeks ago, and 5 days before the delayed season start that all came to an abrupt end. We're sure that would have been very disappointing for the players, as it was for us. We hope the short term absence of sport helps to contribute to the long term health and well being of the community.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. In the meantime, enjoy the half time break, and be encouraged we are into the second half of the level 4 restrictions. Keep smiling. Stay healthy. Sport will be back.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-3838MelbourneSportsPhotography-3838Enjoy the half time break of level 4 restrictions.


Sports Team Photos

June 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Is your club looking for help with team photos? Here at Melbourne Sports Photography we can do both your action and team photos (and video as well!). Whether it's indoor or outdoor, informal or formal, contemporary or traditional - we'd love to talk to you to see if we can help with your team photos.

MelbourneSportsPhotography-2-2MelbourneSportsPhotography-2-2Formal or informal? Contemporary or traditional? We'd love to discuss how Melbourne Sports Photography can assist your club.

How Melbourne Sports Photography typically works with Clubs?

Let us know:

  • How many teams and players you would like photographed
  • Your preferred shooting days and location
  • Your clubs colours and any ideas you have for the 'look and feel' you'd like in your team photos
  • Fonts and branding guidelines if you have them

MelbourneSportsPhotography-2509MelbourneSportsPhotography-2509Sports team photos. A great way to create memories for your players and families, and ideal for promoting your club. From there Melbourne Sports Photography will:

  • Design team photo backgrounds for you to select from
  • Organise logistics for the shooting days based on the location you have selected
  • Look after photo print ordering and payment
  • Conduct the shoots
  • Post production, naming of photos, and print production
  • Deliver the final prints to your club in team packs ready to be distributed to your players and families

To get the ball rolling, get in touch via the Contact tab here on the Melbourne Sports Photography website or email [email protected]